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Unity Equestrian's lessons and coaching are focused on individual progress. Riders are encouraged to progress at their own pace through targeted coaching whether that is in group or private lessons. Each program we offer caters for riders from beginner to advanced and we promote a culture of encouragement and positivity above all else.  Our riders work together with their horses, coaches and other riders to create a safe space physically and mentally for everyone.

3 - 5 year olds

Little Trotters


Develop balance and confidence in the saddle in Little Trotters Sessions.  Get your little ones started with positive experiences on our safe ponies.

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Young Adults

Unity Youth


Unity Youth Program encourages young riders to develop their riding skills across multiple disciplines.  With expectations of proper conduct, presentation and engagement in every lesson, Unity's Youth Program is for emerging equestrian stars.

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6 - 8 year olds

Pony Partners


Learn respectful horsmanship skills and develop the horse/rider partnership with the Pony Partners Program.  These lessons are about developing riding and horsemanship skills that lay the foundations for riding excellence.

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Riding Together


Learning to ride, or returning to riding as an adult can be a daunting experience.  Our Riding Together Program fosters new friendships and helps adult riders gain skills and confidence in a range of disciplines.  Our clinics and events go hand in hand with the Riding Together Programs and our warm community welcomes new members.

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9 - 12 year olds

Canter Club


Canter Club promotes and trains independent, resourceful and calm riders who demonstrate confident and safe riding habits.  With a strong emphasis on cooperation and community, this program offers young riders space and time to develop their skills as equestrians.

Dressage Horse
Competition Level (by invitation)

Team Unity Development Program

Joining Team Unity's Development Program is by test or invitation only.  Equestrian athletes seeking to work with our FEI Level 3 riding instructor may submit applications to be considered for this program.